Fuzzy Friends Rabbitry
We specialize in Holland Lop and Lion-Head Rabbits!! 

Fuzzy Friends Rabbitry

We sell rabbits and all of the supplies to get you started! Cages, food, treats, toys, hay, water bottles and anything your new bunny could ever need.

About the Rabbitry

We have a wide variety of rabbits for sale at our storefront. Prices ranging from $25 (older bunnies)-$125. Prices may vary depending on breed, color, and eye color. Note: a $25 non-refundable deposit is required and all sales are final when bunny leaves the rabbitry.


Contact Us

Call: 401-487-7184 

Email: nancysfuzzypets@gmail.com

Our Rabbits

Check out our gallery of rabbits in the links above!